Happiness, Mindfulness, Business and Life Coach

Life Coaching

I can play a crucial role of giving you direction if you feel lost and give support if you feel overwhelmed by challenges.

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Business Coaching

Just staring out? Or a well seasoned executive? I guide individuals, teams and companies in fulfilling goals and achieving success.

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Why you need a Coach?

Whether you want to accomplish a dream, or you want to unleash your full potential, a Coach will help you understand yourself better, eliminate destructive behavioral patterns and achieve sustainable growth.


Who can be your Coach?

An interpersonal connection is important between your coach and yourself. You must feel comfortable in their presence, with their personality and their style of interaction.


What is The Process Like?

The coaching process is a fluid and systematic method of approaching your goals and visions in your professional or personal life. The process assesses your current situation and your desired goal. Through coaching, you are encouraged to tap into your reservoir of resources and develop a new perspective on things.

1. Understanding Your Present State and Your Vision

This first step is crucial in identifying where you are in life and where you want to go. Your present state will set the stage for the upcoming sessions.

2. Identifying Your Goal

In this step, we will discuss your specific goal in life. This lays the foundation of the work that is to be done and the road you will be taking towards achieving that goal is charted.

3. Overcoming Challenges

It is important to identify any limiting beliefs, doubts or other challenges that prevent you from attaining your goal. The road bumps are tackled and the action plan is tailored if necessary.

4. The Road Ahead

As your coach, I will stay connected with you and work with you to draw out your inner wisdom to achieve your vision and provide constructive encouragement throughout your journey.

5. The Aftermath

The tools you use in coaching are transferable to many parts and phases of your life. You will see how coaching helps your life become more peaceful, purposeful and enriched with experiences.

Life Coaching Packages

For Individual Coaching Sessions. Business and Executive Group Coaching packages available on demand.

10 Sessions
Free Deck of Life Changes Cards
Doesn’t include book: What Got You Here, Won’t Get You There by Marshall Goldsmith
Doesn’t include book: Triggers by Marshall Goldsmith
20 Sessions
Free Deck of Life Changes Cards
Free Book: What Got You Here, Won’t Get You There by Marshall Goldsmith
Free Book: Triggers by Marshall Goldsmith

Founder and CEO of
Happy Ho

Jwalant Swaroop is an eminent name among the media, marketing and wellness fraternity. Known to be a catalyst of change due to his critical thinking, power of expression and style of functioning, he is sought after by many to combat doubt, limiting beliefs, gain confidence and direction in life.A master of management, he has synchronised a number of teams to organisation goals through mentoring and training. As a consultant to organizations, he has helped improve work culture, lower attrition rates and optimize performance.He radiates warmth through his joyful nature and calming presence, a trait that makes people warm up to him instantly. Through neuro linguistic programming, he inspires positive change in thinking patterns.Jwalant is trained in several meditation techniques. He conducts meditation sessions on regular basis and leads retreats for people who wish to seek deeper experience. He has studied positive psychology from university of Pennsylvania which helps him to identify deeper psychological issues. He runs online sessions on Happiness, Meditation and life coaching frequently.



“I was overthinking on a problem. After a session with Jwalant, I have it sorted. I have my Action-List with me and I don’t have to think about the problem anymore.”

Daya Ogale-Makwana / HR Leader, TomTom India Pvt. Ltd.
“My coaching sessions with Jwalant Ji has healed my thoughts and has given me strength to deal with tough situations.”

Anupam Jauhari / CEO, InfluxUs Consulting Services Pvt. Ltd.
“Besides his understanding and expertise in coaching, what really sets Jwalant apart is his empathy and openness.”

Saumya Sharma / Behavioural Coach and Trainer, The Butterfly Effect

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Coaching takes you on a path of self discovery that leads to a happy, content and enriched life.Don’t wait any longer – your life’s most empowering journey awaits you!