Whether you decide to change your job, which on an average a person does 12 times during his lifetime, or decide to change your professional line entirely, or maybe you aren;t sure if you should complete your venture.

Business coaching supports people in all tiers of professional life. From someone who is just staring out, to a well seasoned executive, business coaching has had immense impact in guiding individuals, teams and companies alike in fulfilling goals and achieving success. Business coaching enables entrepreneurs and business owners alike to tackle the challenges in their path.

No generic solution works for all businesses of a kind. Which is why though there may be multiple resources out there in the form of books, podcasts and case studies, they can only help you so far. As your business coach, we will understand where you are, where you want to be and what potentially stands in your way.

One of the great outcomes of business coaching is the creation of freedom. As you gradually, with support of your business coach start working your way around problems of dealing with criticism at the office, unassertiveness or lack of time management, you will see how freeing the experience is. The weight of the thoughts that were holding you back and preventing you from taking actions that help grow you professionally is lifted and you start living a life where the future is free of self doubt.

As your coach, we help you to unearth capabilities and strengths that may have been underexplored or even known. What you do on a daily basis, has the ability to incrementally grow into a habit that takes you closer to a more successful career. Actions that are most beneficial for your future growth will come to you naturally and unconsciously. These actions will then become habits that help overcome the challenges you face professionally.

Many business executives, despite years of experience in the industry, tackle problems of procrastination, perfectionism, feeling over or under worked, etc. Business coaching helps you in overcoming the self-limiting behaviour people so often deal with in their professional lives.

Business coaches typically possess previous professional experience. They have either worked in a corporate environment, have owned a business or have done both. Their experience adds to their knowledge of coaching and creates a synergistic mechanism for you to rely on. They also are able to develop personalized sessions for you which will best suit your needs, taking into consideration your clientele, products or services. They can also help guide you in understanding what tools, skills or capabilities must be developed and strengthened to get to where you want to go.

Process of Business Coaching

Business coaches have been supporting different kinds of organizations – from local businesses to multi-billion dollar companies for a long time – to achieve their goals. Eric Schmidt, former CEO of Google, has said that hiring a business coach was the best professional decision he ever made. Though he did not first buy into the idea of business coaching, considering he was already doing rather well as the CEO of a rapidly growing tech company, he was nudged into it by a board member and once Schmidt started working with a business coach, he was stunned by the results. He became a proponent of business coaching and later said in one of his interviews – ‘everyone needs a coach’

Life Coaching Packages

For Individual Coaching Sessions. Business and Executive Group Coaching packages available on demand.

10 Sessions
Free Deck of Life Changes Cards
Doesn’t include book: What Got You Here, Won’t Get You There by Marshall Goldsmith
Doesn’t include book: Triggers by Marshall Goldsmith
20 Sessions
Free Deck of Life Changes Cards
Free Book: What Got You Here, Won’t Get You There by Marshall Goldsmith
Free Book: Triggers by Marshall Goldsmith

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