Importance of Goal Setting

Any plan of self development and progress in life needs to be coupled with well thought-out goals. Whenever you think of something you would like to achieve – I want that high paying job, I am going to be more productive with my time, I will run a half marathon this year, thinking of exactly how you are going to get there isn’t often well conceived.

To accomplish what we want to achieve in life, whether they are short term or long term plans, it is important to keep a blueprint of the journey you are about to embark upon in the form of goal setting. Without a goal, you may be doing your best but you may lack direction, which will inevitably cause hindrances in achieving what you want.

The pain of not accomplishing a goal that you set for yourself can be so unpleasant that some part of the population decides to not set goals at all – be it a simple New Year’s resolution or a self improvement activity they wished to take up. However, we only rob ourselves of the chance of becoming a better version of ourselves and taking advantage of the opportunities that would have come with those changes.

How is Goal Setting With Your Coach Different Than Regular Goal Planning

The power of coaching comes through especially well in goal setting and the path taken there on. The transformation is often tremendous as your behaviors and actions drive the path forward.

How a Coach Can Help With Goal Setting

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