Gratitude is a positive attitude which help you transform. Practicing gratitude is one most important thing in life. Be grateful to everyone, because everybody is creating a space for you to be transformed – even those who think they are obstructing you, even those whom you think are enemies. Your friends, your enemies, good people and bad people, favourable circumstances, unfavourable circumstances – all together they are creating the context in which you can be transformed and become a buddha. Be grateful to all. To those who have helped, to those who have hindered, to those who have been indifferent. Be grateful to all, because all together they are creating the context in which buddhas are born, in which you can become a buddha.
To lead a simple and fulfilling life you need to be grateful to the universe. For all the abundance you have received. Big or small, good or bad favours in life. Gratitude help you surrender and during a bad phase in life gratitude is surely a divine method to take you beyond all your miseries, it help you prepare for every little thing that is important for you to tide over your bad times. Gratitude actually help you to grow and rise above the ordinary. It is an ordinary way to become extraordinary.
A grateful heart is the key to transform yourself. A grateful heart is most prayerful where you go on thanking the divine, the unknown with all your strength and disassociate yourself with the results that your actions elicit.
Gratitude is a state of desirelessness , where you are active without desiring. Desire has not the problem as long as it has no control on the outcome of your action. A desire with acceptance is real method to feel the gratitude. Let me explain you with an example, Everybody wants to grow in life and everybody wants to attain the position of power, Now if, this desire is supported with actions to reach the top is fine but what happens is that we bring our greed and ego in the process and refuse the way existence wants us to grow rather we want to grow the way we want. A grateful heart will accept the outcome and will enjoy the goodness it has received from the existence without greed and ego. Grateful heart will thank the universe for bestowing it’s grace on you and there will be a different quality of you arising.
Gratitude also brings the quality of forgiveness, Once a man spat on Buddha’s face, all the disciples of Buddha were angry, Ananda the closest disciple of Buddha was furious. he sought Buddha’s permission to show the man what he has done. But Buddha just wiped his face and told the man that he is thankful to him for helping him figure out if his act has made him angry, but the anger did not come to Buddha, so he thanked to the man for helping him test it out. This is no ordinary situation and it could make anyone angry but Buddha’s response was purely from the grateful heart.
In our corporate life, if we practice Gratitude, it may help us to become more simple and compassionate. It will surely help us to accept the presence of the unknown controlling the outcomes of our actions and that we are more thankful than in regret mode to the results of our actions. We may be more responsible towards the business and people. We may also be more accommodating towards the challenges in the process and may view the challenges as an opportunity to grow and we may also ask the divine to give us strength to over come them.
Gratitude is also healing. It heals our beings. It energise us and of-course help us to detox ourselves from the associated negativity if any. Gratitude is the only way to become Happy. A happy heart surely exhumes positivity and growth. Interestingly you will never feel a grateful mind. Mind can never be grateful. It is the quality of heart that can feel gratitude. It makes you surrender to the unknown and divine. Surrender without regret. If there is slightest of the regret in surrender it can spoil the feeling of gratitude. So the surrender has to be absolute and then you dance and celebrate in the Gratitude, just as Meera did, Just as Chaitanya Mahaprabhu did and just as Sufi do in their Dervish dance. Where you are dissolved completely and the unknown becomes the known.

3 thoughts on “Gratitude is the positive attitude

    • Jwalant Swaroop says:

      Sir, mind is a logical device and hence it sees things logically. Gratitude is a deep feeling which comes from your heart and it defies all logics where there is choicelessness. Mind chooses to be or not to be. While a grateful heart needs no logic or any reason it is in a constant state of gratefulness.

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