When faced with a crossroad in life and you feel lost, a signboard can be the greatest help you could have asked for. The signboard gives you the clear information about which path will lead to which destination and how to get there. That crucial role of giving you direction when lost and support when you feel overwhelmed by challenges is fulfilled by a Life Coach.

It is often observed that while people may know where they want to be in life, that is to say they have a ‘vision’ but lack clarity on which path will take them closer to their vision. You may be tackling tough questions about the road you are on regarding your life’s goal, maybe you don’t even feel you have a goal or vision to use as your guiding light or don’t know how to improve or leverage your strengths and skills. A Life Coach can support you in finding the answers to these questions.

A Life Coach enables you to identify and develop your strengths and abilities. They help provide the guidance and support you need to better your career, relationships and life.They help you maneuver challenges that you might find standing your way.

Don’t hesitate in articulating your most difficult questions to your coach. You may have been feeling stuck in your life or maybe you know you have more potential but don’t know how to meet it. Your Life Coach can guide you in identifying your strengths and weaknesses, manage your stress, improve your confidence and do much more.

Life coaching shouldn’t be confused with giving advice, consulting, counseling, mentoring and administering therapy. While therapy can help in dealing with the events from one’s past, life coaching is an approach that supports you in moving forward with life taking into consideration your present. A good coach is always aware of the boundaries of coaching and will without hesitation refer you to a therapist if required.

The Life Coach will take an approach wherein they will

If there is a personal goal that you wish to achieve – you may want a better social life, better health or wish to handle finances more responsibly, for all these and many other aspects, a Life Coach can support you in coming closer to your goal.

Making a change for the better can help you to live a life that is fuller, more purposeful and enriched with experiences. To get more out of life, your Life Coach will ask deep and insightful questions that will help you envision your future with the accomplishments you desire. Your Life Coach will then help you define the path to the goals you wish to fulfil. With your life coach, you can identify areas of your life that if you were to work on today, would positively impact your future.

The obstacles that stand in your way and prevent you from attaining your goals in life are brought forth and then through coaching you can learn how to maneuver around them to create the future you envisioned.

However, it would augur well for you to understand that there are no ‘quick fixes’ in coaching. Just like all clients are unique, the sessions have to be tailor made. The emphasis is on positive sustainability. The outcomes of the sessions should encourage you to take such action in your life that enables your incremental growth and development. You will see how the changes you make in life, impact your future – the work comes from you. Taking actions that take you closer to your goals, gives you confidence and hands the reigns of your life, back in your hands. Essentially, through life coaching, you are supported in your journey of taking cognizance of your thoughts and actions for a brighter and more fulfilled future.

Life Coaching Packages

For Individual Coaching Sessions. Business and Executive Group Coaching packages available on demand.

10 Sessions
Free Deck of Life Changes Cards
Doesn’t include book: What Got You Here, Won’t Get You There by Marshall Goldsmith
Doesn’t include book: Triggers by Marshall Goldsmith
20 Sessions
Free Deck of Life Changes Cards
Free Book: What Got You Here, Won’t Get You There by Marshall Goldsmith
Free Book: Triggers by Marshall Goldsmith

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