work, Work, Work, more work and more more work and more more more and more work only. Often I hear the statement that there is no work life balance these days. Pandemic has forced people to work from home and the boundaries of office and home are getting blurred. Yes true. Often my clients tell me that this work from home is more stressful than commuting long hours to office. It is indeed a very painful experience.
My daughter manages digital media for a leading blue-chip FMCG brand it requires to be alert and agile 24X7 and it means working almost 24 hours a day. She present at home physically but absent emotionally. This is a huge dilemma the humanity is facing. Since India is a country in making, running the race for a 5 trillion economy, obviously each one of us has to contribute in all possible ways, hard work is included. The issue is that working hard at home almost 24×7 is becoming a problem and it should be a problem. Home is not for work it is your place to relax and rejuvenate. Unfortunately in the lockdown there was no other option but to work from home. Business leaders should actively consider reopening of offices while ensuring safety of employees.
Interestingly some companies in India and western world are thinking to give this option to employee to choose if he or she wants to work from home. In my view it will be a disaster. It may leave hordes of people emotionally sick. You are a human being not a robot. You survive on your emotions and feelings. If there is an arrangement that does not allow you to relax and rejuvenate it will surely interfere in your emotional programming which may lead to depression, stress and anxiety.
what I am seeing is, that the future man and woman will be far more emotionally complexed. This may also lead to huge procreation disorders. Rate of infertility among men and women will rise and the the whole humanity may go crazy. We might also see humongous growth in mentally unstable children because of confused chromosomes. Work from Home is surely a social issue and work life balance is indeed a great challenge in the coming times.
Work life balance is a serious issue. Ever since we started the rat race of materialism, work life balance became imbalanced. We lost touch with the poetry of life and we were chasing only the prose. Prose is much needed to lead a materially comfortable life but live a happy and fulfilled life you actually need a proper balance of Poetry as well. Now with Poetry I mean that to have a free time in a day is not a crime. Today if you are not doing anything people assume you to be sick or useless. How silly is this way of thinking. If you are working hard you deserve some rest as well. If you will not rest you will loose all your creative juices and your ability to innovate will dry up. Your responses to life challenges will be reactionary and thus creating chain reactions of never ending cause and effect of anger, frustration, and anxiety.
We have actually made a conscious choice to work more, work more is not an issue, Your greed is an issue. You do not focus on your efficiency rather everything other than work you do in your working hours and you try to catch up with your work in your non working hours to win the Label of being a hard worker. Sorry that is absolutely a wrong notion. I am reminded of a friend who had made a principle in life that no matter how important it may be, he will. not take any phone calls while having his lunch or dinner. I was once meeting him for lunch in his office and his chairman called him, his secy came running to inform him to pick line as chairman is holding. He said very calmly this is my lunch time and it belongs to me and at this time even God will have to wait till I finish my meal. The same friend also had another principle in life that he never attended any get together alone. He was clear even in any official get together post office hours he will attend only if his wife is also invited. He was so possessive about his own time that he refused anyone encroaching upon it. He virtually revolted if any one tried to do so. this is drawing a line to strike a balance between work and life. Today in the work from Home environment privileges such as Lunch Breaks, Tea Breaks and Sutta Breaks have all vanished leaving you high and dry to just be on your call all the time.
If you look at deeply work and life are not two different things. We all are playing different roles in different part of the day. One has to be conscious about the fact that when and how to draw the line between work and life. Our forefathers have given us a belief that “Work is Worship”, we have been taught to be hard working and not to be lazy at work, we need to be diligent at work, but it seems that over the period we have lost worship and work has become work without much joy and happiness.
You are working more because you think that by working more you will get more pleasures of life instead of pleasure in life. More work has become an excuse to avoid and hide yourself from some of your challenges in personal life it could be your relationships, your office politics and to prove someone that you are better than others. The work life balance is thus a very fine and subtle feeling. Do you enjoy your work if yes you can surely finish it in your working hours. If you do not enjoy it clearly your efficiency will be low and you will not be able to attend all in your working hours. Most importantly one should realise the importance or working and non-working hours, the home and the office. The work has both personal and professional aspects but are you prayerful and mindful about it.
The work surely becomes the worship and not the curse with right orientation. Join me in a coaching session with me to learn how you can have a perfect work life balance. Call now 9811237999

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